Śaṅkaranandana (800-980)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Frauwallner 1933 (p. 241) considers "Śaṅkaranandana," the form of the name given by Abhinavagupta (passages: Gnoli 1960 pp. XXIIIf.), as the more correct equivalence of the Tibetan bde byed dga' ba. The form "Śaṅkaranandana" is also attested in the colophon of the Īśvarāpākaraṇasaṅkṣepa. AASK-t Peking 5754, 325a6: Śaṅkarānanda; in Tibetan, he is also often called bram ze chen po (e.g. PVṬ (Śa)-t Peking 5721, 338a8)

Life dates: according to Tāranātha a contemporary of Nayapāla, but t.a. Abhinavagupta (950–1020; cf. Gnoli 1960 p. XXIII), t.p. Dharmottara (Gnoli 1960 p. XXIV); Gnoli 1960 p. XXIV: 9.-10th century. For the legend of his life cf. Naudou 1968 p. 107.

Works: cf. Bühnemann 1980. Sequence undetermined. Quotations from different works by Śaṅkaranandana have been collected by Gnoli 1960 pp. XXIII-XXV and Bühnemann 1980 pp. 193–197.

Vincent Eltschinger presents a survey of research on Śaṅkaranandana and his works, and summarizes information on new manuscripts, in Eltschinger 2006 and Eltschinger 2015.

Works by Śaṅkaranandana