Āgamasiddhikārikā by Śaṅkaranandana

According to a letter from Pandit Jagdishwar Pandey, Patna, dated 27 February 1980, the collection of the Bihar Research Society contains a second convolute of texts with the added title ""Sarvajñasiddhi"", which contains Sarvajñasiddhikārikā, Svalpasarvajñasiddhikārikā, Īśvarāpākaraṇakārikā, Saṅkṣipteśvarāpākaraṇakārikā and Āgamasiddhikārikā together with commentaries (cf. Bühnemann 1980 p. 193, n. 9).



    • n.d. “Sanskrit Manuscript of Āgamasiddhikārikā.” In Glass negative collection of the Bihar Research Society. Patna.
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