Commentary on Saṅkṣipteśvarāpākaraṇakārikā by Śaṅkaranandana

According to a letter from Pandit Jagdishwar Pandey, Patna, dated 27 February 1980, the collection of the Bihar Research Society contains a second convolute of texts with the added title ""Sarvajñasiddhi"", which contains Sarvajñasiddhikārikā, Svalpasarvajñasiddhikārikā, Īśvarāpākaraṇakārikā, Saṅkṣipteśvarāpākaraṇakārikā and Āgamasiddhikārikā together with commentaries (cf. Bühnemann 1980 p. 193, n. 9).
According to Krasser (oral communication), the commentary (cf. Commentary on Īśvarāpākaraṇasaṅkṣepa) is incomplete and stops in the middle of the explanation of v. 6 and Śaṅkaranandana's commentary, so that a colophon is likewise missing. The author cannot have been Śaṅkaranandana himself, as he already refers to variant readings of the basic text.