Śaṅkaranandana (800-980)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Frauwallner 1933 (p. 241) considers ``Śaṅkaranandana," the form of the name given by Abhinavagupta (passages: Gnoli 1960 pp. XXIIIf.), as the more correct equivalence of the Tibetan bde byed dga' ba. The form "Śaṅkaranandana" is also attested in the colophon of the Īśvarāpākaraṇasaṅkṣepa. AASK-t Peking 5754, 325a6: Śaṅkarānanda; in Tibetan, he is also often called bram ze chen po (e.g. PVṬ (Śa)-t Peking 5721, 338a8)

Life dates: according to Tāranātha a contemporary of Nayapāla, but t.a. Abhinavagupta (950–1020; cf. Gnoli 1960 p. XXIII), t.p. Dharmottara (Gnoli 1960 p. XXIV); Gnoli 1960 p. XXIV: 9.-10th century. For the legend of his life cf. Naudou 1968 p. 107.

Works: cf. Bühnemann 1980. Sequence undetermined. Quotations from different works by Śaṅkaranandana have been collected by Gnoli 1960 pp. XXIII-XXV and Bühnemann 1980 pp. 193–197.

Vincent Eltschinger presents a survey of research on Śaṅkaranandana and his works, and summarizes information on new manuscripts, in „Les œuvres de Śaṅkaranandana : nouvelles ressources manuscrites, chronologie relative et identité confessionnelle“ Annali 66/1-4 (2006) 83-122.

Works by Śaṅkaranandana