rtsod pa’i rigs pa la ’bru ‘joms by dar ma rgyal mtshan bcom ldan rigs pa’i ral gri

This work is not extant. It is listed as rtsod rigs la ’bru ’joms in a catalogue of bcom ldan rigs pa’i ral gri’s works first mentioned in van der Kuijp 2003: 409 and n. 96 and now published as a typeset edition in bCom ldan rigs pa’i ral gri 2006. This catalogue uses the same expression “’bru ’joms” (word for word commentary) for a work by rigs pa’i ral gri on the Sambandhaparīkṣā which would correspond to the extant commentary consisting in an interlinear commentary (mchan bu) on the Tibetan version of the base text (see bcom ldan rigs pa’i ral gri’s ’brel brtag mchan).



    • bCom ldan rigs pa’i ral gri. 2006. “BCom Ldan Rigs Paʼi Ral Griʼi Gsung Rtsom Dkar Chag.” In GSung ʼbum Bcom Ldan Rig Paʼi Ral Gri, 1:24–38. [lha sa]: [khams sprul bsod nams don grub]. http://purl.bdrc.io/resource/MW00EGS1017426_6EAAE1.
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    • van der Kuijp, Leonard W. J. 2003. “A Treatise on Buddhist Epistemology and Logic Attributed to Klong Chen Rab ’byams Pa (1308-1364) and Its Place in Indo-Tibetan Intellectual History.” Journal of Indian Philosophy 31 (4): 381–437.
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