tshad ma rigs thigs kyi ’grel pa legs bshad snying po’i gter by rgyal tshab dar ma rin chen

There are numerous blockprints, manuscripts and editions of this work. See http://purl.bdrc.io/resource/WA20405.



    • Dar ma rin chen. 1982. The collected works (gsuṅ ’bum) of the lord rgyal-tshab rje dar-ma-rin-chen : reproduced from a set of prints from the 1897 Lha-sa old źol (dga-’ldan-phun-tshogs-gliṅ) blocks. 1, Volume 1. rJe yab sras gsum gyi gsuṅ ’bum ; 19. New Delhi: Mongolian Lama Gurudeva.
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