Ratnakīrti (990-1050)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Disciple of Jñānaśrīmitra; Life dates: ca. 990–1050 (according to Kajiyama 1966 p. 9). On the relationship to Jñānaśrī and Ratnākaraśānti cf. Mimaki 1992.

Works: sequence undetermined. The numbering here follows Thakur's edition. Additional titles mentioned by Thakur Thakur, ed. 1957 (second revised edition, p. 5), i.e. Bhedapratibhāsadūṣaṇa, Kāraṇānupalabdhiprastāva, Saṃsargaparīkṣā are rather to be seen as references to individual passages.

Works by Ratnakīrti