Śāntarakṣita (725-788)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

The name form Śāntirakṣita, used by Schiefner, ed. 1868 (pp. 204, 212, 213, 219), is attested in the colophon of Peking 5583.

Teacher of Kamalaśīla. Life dates ca. 725–788; invited to Tibet in ca. 763 and ca. 775–788; first abbot of bsam yas; first ordination of Tibetan monks by him in 779 (Frauwallner 1961 pp. 141–143; Ruegg 1981 pp. 88f.). For the legend of his life cf. Obermiller 1931/1932 II pp. 187–191, Roerich 1949 pp. 41-44, Schiefner, ed. 1868 pp. 212–213.

According to Frauwallner 1961 p. 143, Vipañcitārthā p. 84,28 refers to the Dravyapadārthaparīkṣā of the Tattvasaṅgraha.

Works by Śāntarakṣita