Dharmottara (740-800)

Given dates (all in the Common Era) are approximate and represent the upper and lower possible extremes of the person's lifetime.

Disciple of Arcaṭa and Śubhagupta (Frauwallner 1961 pp. 147f.); life dates ca. 740–800, comes to Kashmir under Jayapīḍa (ca. 751–782 or 775–806) (cf. Krasser 1992; cf. also Frauwallner 1961 p. 147; Naudou 1968 p. 63).

Works: Sequence as yet undetermined. Pramāṇaviniścayaṭīkā Pramāṇaviniścayaṭīkā, Peking 5727 dze 10b7 (critical text in: Steinkellner and Krasser 1988, p. 40), refers to the Prāmāṇyaparīkṣā II (*Laghuprāmāṇyaparīkṣā). The Nyāyabinduṭīkā appears already in the Lhan kar catalogue. On rngog lotsāba's summaries of Nyāyabinduṭīkā, Prāmāṇyaparīkṣā II (*Laghuprāmāṇyaparīkṣā), Pramāṇaviniścayaṭīkā, Apohaprakaraṇa and Kṣaṇabhaṅgasiddhi, cf. Krasser 1991, Introduction p. 10.

Works by Dharmottara